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Demonstration of self defense techniques, beginner self defense classes, Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton

Self Defense training effective for law enforcement & security. But designed for a citizen’s perspective.

Whether you have a current safety concern or just want to be expertly prepared, we help you take charge of your safety.

Our award-winning Hard Target Program is distilled from our REAL Self Defense, which is based on over 25 years of continual development and refinement and utilizes techniques trusted by military, law enforcement, and security, but adapted for you.
We give you one complete system that emphasizes reality-based functionality. You get a critical toolbox for dealing with real-world confrontation and violence, taught in a fun and lively training environment.

Put the full spectrum of functional self defense in your back pocket, ready if you need it, with the Hard Target Program.
The Confidence & Competence to Defend Yourself with a Proven System
We've distilled over 2 decades of tried-and-tested REAL Self Defense into training for the everyday person: the Hard Target Program. Hard Target is presented in a fun, lively, engaging format while thoroughly preparing you to protect yourself and your loved ones.

"I wouldn't know what to do if something happened."

In one program, receive immediate-impact, full-spectrum training you can rely on immediately.

—Feel safer and more confident out in the world, travelling abroad, or just living your life
—Learn to strategically handle yourself in the face of confrontation with a built-in plan of action
—Gain more peace of mind knowing the skills you learned in the classroom work in the real world

100% of participants...

100% of participants surveyed felt more confident, empowered, and prepared to defend themselves in a broad range of scenarios after taking this training.

Who Takes the Hard Target Program?

—Complete beginners to advanced martial artists looking for thorough, short-term training in reality-based self defense

Law enforcement, security, human services, or other professionals with occupational risks to personal safety

—Youth & adults preparing to travel abroad

Individuals experiencing a current threat to their safety or citizens with general safety concerns

—Families that want to train together and stay safe together

—Individuals or families looking for a fun way to challenge themselves while learning valuable life skills

Self Defense for Real-World Confrontation and Violence

Effective, Real-World Self Defense

We don't promote a specific martial art style or waste your time with useless, antiquated techniques. We focus only on teaching thorough, functional personal protection. 

We have tried-and-tested, no-nonsense, simple and direct techniques for protection in the real world.

Whole Self Advantage

Not only is our physical toolbox designed to hold up in the face of real-world violence, we know that self defense is more than just the physical defense tactics.

Predict, escape, and handle confrontations by using your whole self—mind, voice, environment, and body—to your advantage.

Expand your idea of what it means to be effective and safe at EVERY STAGE of confrontation, in a variety of scenarios.

It's Not Just WHAT You Learn, But How You Train

We know the training methodology can make or break the effectiveness of the skills you're taught. After more than 2 decades of constant evolution, we know not only what to teach but how to teach it.

Our goal is to pass on a tried-and-tested system using a training methodology that delivers results.

Special aliveness training

Most martial art methods require years of practice before you can competently perform the techniques to defend yourself. Our unique "Aliveness" training eliminates boring repetition and helps you master skills faster. 

What you learn in a class you will be able to perform functionally, drill-by-drill, class-by-class. Our training brings you to a high level of preparedness in the most safe, progressive and direct way possible.

And we do this while promoting empowerment not fear and while having a whole lot of fun coming together to train.

Beyond Physical Tactics: Full Spectrum Self Defense Training

A fight avoided is a fight won. Defend yourself without ever throwing a punch.

As an overriding philosophy, you will be taught to use alert awareness, de-escalation, and your whole self to avoid or escape a confrontation before it can escalate to physical violence.

Instinct & Awareness

  • Enhance your protection awareness, instinct, and intuition
  • Learn to trust your internal warning radar.
  • Develop your threat recognition and fear management
  • ​​Improve your auditory and visual scanning

Environmental Tactics

  • Use your environment to your advantage and even the odds
  • Understand escape and evasion tactics
  • Terrain advantages and improvised weapons.
  • ​​Cover, barriers and shields, and improvised weapons

Verbal Protection

  • Get them to talk, persuade them to walk
  • ​Recognizing verbal setups leading to attacks
  • ​Encroachment defense and negotiating postures
  • ​Verbal defusing techniques to de-escalate conflict

Physical Tactics

  • Functional, reality-based, empirically tested
  • ​User-friendly and easy-to-learn
  • ​Adaptable to the situation and easy to access under the pressure of threat
  • ​A reliable trained course of action with realistic techniques
Specific legalities, negligence, and excessive force are emphasized throughout the training. Students will be equipped to defend themselves in an ethical, responsible and reasonable manner.
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