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Learn MMA, One of the Most Popular & Effective Sport Combat Systems in the World

Are you bored of your workouts at the gym? Or thinking about getting back into shape? 

Most people think of the UFC when they hear “MMA." But the reality is you don’t have to jump in the ring or the cage or be a professional athlete. 

In fact, most people participate because they love the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Wise Warrior Gym is proud to have an inclusive community spirit and positive, unintimidating environment while featuring a unique approach to MMA called Street-Sport-Solutions (MMA-S³).

We incorporate a life, street, and sport approach so you get the benefits of the sport and the best real-world advantage in one complete system.
Two men grappling, MMA, mixed martial arts classes, Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton

Gain an Advantage On & Off the Mats

Real-World Self Defense

Relevant Street & Sport Crossover

Most people think of MMA as two combatants in a ring or cage. 

Our expanded definition of Mixed Martial Arts focuses on all aspects of MMA, including Life, Street, and Sport. 

Self defense crossover is integrated into our MMA S³ training, and we’ll show you how to functionally cross the skills over to real-world self-defense (aka the street).

Life: Well-being, health, and fitness

Street: Real-world self-defense crossover

Sport: Technique, skill-building, and love for the combative arts

Integration of striking, clinch, and ground combat, plus weapons training

Gain MMA Skills Faster

Unique “Aliveness” Training Methodology

Most martial art methods require years of practice before you can competently defend yourself.

"Aliveness" is the only way for the student to have authenticity and functionality in their training. Our classes bring you to a high level of preparedness in the most direct way possible.

—Master skills faster & eliminate boring repetitions

—Safely experience non-scripted, dynamic training with a resisting partner

—Be able to functionally perform what you learn, drill-by-drill, class-by-class

—Aliveness training keeps you moving, so the fitness is built in

Train Intelligently

Safe, Graduated Training Approach

SAFETY is always number one. It's always at the heart of our training.

We utilize up-to-date, intelligent training approaches to train in a smart, progressive, SAFE manner. You progress at your own pace and level.

We promote controlled, graduated learning that produces martial artists and training partners that have fine-tuned dials, which reduces risk of injury and overtraining. 

Our expert coaching and unique, progressive training methodology provide students with personalized support.

You will build a strong foundation and continue to evolve to advanced levels.

Bring MMA into Your Life

Who Takes Our MMA? The short answer: Everyone.

Zero Martial Arts Experience: Beginners taking a first-time interest in fitness or bored of their conventional workouts

Experienced Martial Artists & Athletes: Sports enthusiasts coming from a martial arts or other sport background

Youth & Adults of All Fitness Levels: We welcome women, men, youth, and adults from out-of-shape to fit.

Pick Your Inspiration: Choose your goals whether you're looking for self defense skills, fitness, confidence, or simply a new challenge

For anyone who's ever thought about doing MMA but didn't know where to start, we encourage all who are interested to get involved.
Aerial view of students hitting bags with boxing gloves, kickboxing classes, Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton

Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life

Superior Fitness & Health

MMA is an excellent vehicle for producing superior results in multiple categories of physical fitness and health:

Strength (muscular endurance & power)
Cardio (endurance & stamina)
Coordination (mobility, agility, & balance)

We are built to move, and MMA is hard to beat: It engages and challenges the body through a full-spectrum of dynamic movement and changing positions.
Four pairs of students in clinch combat during MMA class, Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton

Escape Fitness Boredom

Continuous Learning, Variety, & Challenge

We take functionality, results, and expert skill development seriously. We train hard, we train for functionality... and we also want you to have a ton of fun while learning!

With all its variety, MMA will keep you challenged and engaged. There's always more to learn and new goals to set. 

We also have a fun, friendly, and inviting training atmosphere. We're proud of our nonjudgmental student attitude and the strong community spirit of our gym. You'll feel welcome from the moment you walk through the door.

Have a blast training with us while you get into great shape, learn cool skills, and reach your personal goals.
Two women grappling and laughing, jiu jitsu classes, Wise Warrior Gym in Edmonton

MMA-S³: The Complete System

Mixed Martial Arts works with stand-up, clinch, and ground. These are the 3 ranges you'd encounter in an altercation or self defense scenario. Wise Warrior Gym's unique MMA-S³ features realistic street-sport crossover in the 3 key areas of combat:
Boxing, kickboxing, sport and street striking systems

Clinch Combat
Clinch entries and positions, body-mapping, take-downs, trips, throws, and striking (dirty boxing)

Ground Combat & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)
Positional dominance, transitions, and control, escapes, submissions, chokes, locks, and ground & pound striking

Weapons Training
We also offer separate weapons classes
Stick/baton (staff, cane, baton, single & double stick), blade (machete, small knife), projectiles & the art of throwing

Take your skills, confidence and fitness to a new level with our functional MMA-S³ classes.

Our students don't just train...they thrive!

Wise Warrior Gym is unique among martial art facilities. We are community-minded with a driving philosophy of health, well-being, effective training, and personal development. Our classes are designed to provide our members with relevant and functional self-defense and sport combat MMA training while advancing self-awareness, personal well-being, fitness, and student camaraderie.
Want to learn more about getting involved in our upcoming martial arts and self defense training? Your next step is to set up a time to chat with us.
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